SENest Service


SENest’s experienced Geotechnical Engineers provide special services to manage the geotechnical risks associated with projects. The highly qualified team identifies key technical points which require careful management and evaluates and resolves geotechnical design challenges. Our advanced software tools allow for more refined analyses that ultimately result in cost savings for our clients. Our integrated geotechnical solutions guarantee our clients satisfaction by maximizing stabilities of facilities and minimizing project cost.

  • We offer a wide range of services including:
  • Developing geotechnical investigation and monitoring plan
  • Geotechnical design for Shallow foundations and Pile foundations with FEM Analyses
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Dewatering design
  • Retaining walls
  • Design for soft soil improvement
  • Land reclamation design
  • Offshore wind farm foundation
  • Seismic design
  • Recent achievements made by the Division are:
  • Tender and Detail design of 14.5 kilometer-long entrance road for the Grand Al Faw port in South of Iraq.
  • Tender and Detail Design of Immersed Tunnel Package 1 which will facilitates fabrication of Concrete Immersed
    Tunnel Segments to construct Al Faw’s 2 kilometer-long immersed tunnel connecting Al Faw port to Umm Qasr port.

For the design of the latter project, we had to make smart solutions to overcome challenging site conditions imposed from deep excavation work of very soft ground under high water pressure from underground of the yard which is close to a river.

Al Faw Grand Port, Iraq (2019)
Cai Mep International Terminal, Vietnam (2009)
Busan Song-do Disposal Areas, Korea (2012)
U.S. Army Camp Relocation Parcel-2A, Korea (2008)
Inland Dike of Braka Nuclear Power Plant, U.A.E (2010)
KNPC CFP Site Preparatory Works, Kuwait (2013)
Port Entrance Road for Al Faw Grand Port, Iraq (2019)
Khor Al Zubair Immersed Tunnel Prefabrication Yard, Iraq (2020)