About Company

Smart Engineers’ Nest

SENest is a differentiated engineering and design consulting group.
Equipped with expertise and passion, we always deliver the better
engineering services with innovative and efficient solutions.

Last 12 years was an epoch for us for great change.
Since the foundation in 2008, we have deepened relationship with our clients.
We’re working with most of top engineering construction
companies in Korea, and now we start directly working with companies
from China, Japan, Vietnam, Southeast Asia and EU. We have broaden
our project coverage to 27 countries in South East Asia, Middle East,
South America and Oceania.

We believe that our design quality and customer satisfactions are key
evaluation criteria to measure our success. Our talented civil
infrastructural engineers always try to adopt and develop state-of-the art
technology to benefit our clients. Incessant R&D is the key driver of our success.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway.
To cope with revolutionary industry changes, we’ll focus on technology
optimization and the value we create. In the world of more connected,
dynamic and customer centric, SENest will keep innovative perspective.

SENest is ready for evolving with our clients.

Ji-hyun Nam
C.E.O. & President