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Maritime Engineering Division focuses on providing smart solutions for planning and design of maritime infrastructures including breakwater, revetment and jetties. As specialized engineer’s group in mega-port planning and feasibility studies, we are always ready to provide high-quality solutions to our clients by applying innovative but proven technologies worldwide. Based on our experience and accumulated know-how, we ensured the project feasibility and the reduced risks for its implementation.

Land Development Team, a team of Maritime Engineering Division offers a wide range of engineering services for land development projects including industrial land development and civil work design for power plants.
By collaborating with Maritime Engineering Division, Land Development Team successfully delivered port yard planning. It completed multiple global projects for supporting industrial land development, container terminals, power plants and petroleum refinery plant construction.

Maritime Engineering Division delivered design for various global projects in South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. Container Terminals in Thi Bai River in Vietnam, Nador West Med in Morocco, Finger 1, 2, 3 Container Terminals in Singapore and Tung Chung New Town Extension-Reclamation Project in Hong Kong are benefited from our experiences. Also our Maritime Engineering put our accumulated expertise in various Busan New Port Projects based on technology excellence and enthusiasm.

Busan New Port Container Terminal,  Korea  (2018)
Busan New Port Dredging, Korea (2018)
Cooling Water System
Seawater Intake Pipeline
Intake and Discharge System
Kyungin Ara Waterway Phase1, Korea (2010)
Vung Ang II Thermal Power Project, Vietnam (2020)
Jeddah South Power Plant, Saudi Arabia (2011)
King Salman Dry Dock PKG 4,5,6. Saudi (2017)
Busan Oil Storage Terminal, Korea (2010)
Suai Supply Base, East Timor (2015)
Mumbai Coastal Road Project (South) , India (2019)
Nador West Med Port, Morocco (2015)
Pocheon LNG-based Combined Power Plant, Korea (2014)
Kimpo Combustible Refuse-Derived Fuel Facilities, Korea (2010)
Asan Mojong Poongi City Development, Korea (2011)